Being A Priestess

I received her call in 2015. It was loud and clear! Since then she has guided me into becoming the woman I am destined to be so that I may fulfill my mission to be of service to others.

I have never looked back.

A priestess serves the spiritual needs of her community similarly to priests, ministers, shamans, babalawos, curanderas, lamas and other cultures’ spiritual leaders officiating in sacred rites.

In contrast to a Catholic priest for example, a priestess doesn’t require religion.

The difference is that we, priestesses, understand our Deities through direct revelation or direct experience.

The priestesses of antiquity served the needs of their community by being a channel to the Goddess and therefore could guide and advise the people in their community.

These priestesses, seen as an embodiment of the Great Mother Goddess, were revered and honored for their wisdom and knowledge of life giving forces. These priestesses took on the roles of intercessor between humanity and spiritual powers. They were prophets, healers, oracles, lawmakers, peacemakers, and ambassadors of the Great Mother Goddess [who gave birth to humanity].

Women, like Mother Earth, can create life within her and her monthly cycle is naturally attuned to the Moon’s rhythm. This, in the eyes of archaic men who knew themselves unable to match this life-giving ability and natural connection to Earth’s patterns, turned them into creatures of magic to be feared and destroyed.

Being greatly misunderstood and feared by the patriarchy, thousands of priestesses were persecuted and put to death for their mystical beliefs and natural spiritual practices proclaiming them as evil.

The arising patriarchy taught that only the priests could commune with the Creator.

After thousands of years of patriarchal oppression, we see a re-emergence of the priestess archetype within modern society.

The present-day Priestess of the Goddess integrates ancient wisdom with modern spiritual practices becoming relevant to the world we live in today.

Women choosing to walk the path of the priestess have answered a deep inner calling. One day, deep within her heart she knew with clear conviction that this is the reason for her existence. This is her life’s mission.

This path requires immense dedication and integrity and as a result, deep inner work is absolutely necessary. A priestess must face her shadows and work on healing past wounds to fully integrate all of what composes her bringing unity within herself. She learns to honor the divine feminine within herself becoming a vessel of the Goddess. A priestess, at least during ritual, may be the living embodiment of the Goddess. She may be devoted to a particular goddess or she may be a channel of various deities while in trance.

Much like a Shaman, she is able to position herself between the visible and invisible worlds. She works with unseen forces, holds sacred space and helps others find their own spiritual purpose.

She carries the Divine Feminine energy to help restore balance between the masculine and feminine rebirthing the importance of Sacred Union to re-establish Oneness.


And so it is.

More Coming Soon!

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