Hi I’m Mariloli

“My mission is to help others reinstate harmony in their lives through facilitating connection with the spirit and the body, bringing connection to their guides, higher self, and past lives on the one hand, and to their own body, inner experience of self, and sacred sexuality on the other.”

Here’s an outline about me in case you wish to skip the long story below!


  • Grew up on the Texas-Mexico border.
  • Highly intuitive since childhood.
  • Focused on learning about all kinds of spiritual and metaphysical subjects since adolescence.
  • Became a single mom.
  • Attended college full-time while working for the fine arts gallery on campus.
  • Developed all 5 psychic senses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and intuition) upon college graduation.
  • Moved to Austin to teach special needs children.
  • Second son was born and I separated from his father.
  • Began exploring the Akashic Records and giving readings as a hobby.
  • Obtained Reiki level II and Holographic Sound Healing certification.
  • Left the school district.
  • Goddess Isis began offering me guidance.
  • Became ordained as High Priestess of Goddess Isis and obtained Authentic Tantra certification.
  • Began personal shadow work culminating in deep personal healing and transformation of body, mind and soul.

My Story

I grew up on the Texas-Mexico border between the cities of Brownsville and Matamoros. I was raised catholic and by age five I was completely in love with my first and still one of my most beloved spirit guides Ascended Master Yeshua aka Jesus Christ.

There were many supernatural moments for me throughout childhood in which I would feel entities, see people’s auras, and tap into the power of the mind.

Fast forward to age sixteen to when I was going through a personal crisis, I met my mentor who opened her esoteric and metaphysical library to me. I had so much learning from her and I’ll forever carry her in my heart!

All throughout my high school years, I learned so much about different subjects such as energy healing, yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao, metaphysics, transcendental meditation, traditional Tantra, and so much more.

Since then, true Tantra, has been in my heart; I remember dreaming of the day I’d find my tantric partner with whom to touch heaven!

At age twenty-five, I was focused on raising my first son, completing my bachelors, and working for the  fine arts gallery on campus.

By graduation, clairaudience was added to the other four psychic senses I had already developed by this time (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and intuition).

Soon after college graduation, I found myself teaching special needs children in Austin. I’m forever grateful for this experience. I’ll never forget their hugs and smiles!

In 2011, after my second son’s birth and recent separation from his father, I discovered the Akashic Records. I was soon giving readings as a hobby and getting excellent confirmations.

In 2012, my brother decided to leave this world and my profound grief intensified my mediumship abilities. I will always cherish those days I would wake up to messages of serenity, courage, love and wisdom from my spirit guides helping my heart heal such a deep wound.

A few years later, I left the school district and soon after I began to receive messages from Goddess Isis. Our relationship deepened as I continued to receive her guidance.

In 2017, I found Authentic Tantra; finally a program that adhered to the traditional spiritual-alchemical practices!

A month later, I started a program to deepen my connection to Goddess Isis which culminated in my ordination as her High Priestess.

By the end of 2017, I was a certified Authentic Tantra healer and an ordained Priestess of Goddess Isis.

Before long, as communicated by my maternal Grandmother a month after her passing, I met my Twin-flame.

I had no idea, these three factors would bring so much love but also act as powerful catalysts launching me into deep shadow work that would lead to a  profound transformation of body, mind, and spirit!

I am delighted and so excited to be of service to others guiding them through their own healing and empowerment journey as well as helping them bridge the gap between physical and spiritual realities.


So are you ready for transformation of your body, mind and soul?

What My Clients are Saying

“Mariloli is a powerful priestess of truth and love. I first came to her in a really scary time, not being able to find a house to rent, and was at my wits end after many months of looking and being in limbo and not knowing where to turn. Finally I decided to find guidance outside myself and was so glad I did. Her Akashic Records reading gave me awareness I needed to move forward and considering what information came out of her and how everything ended up, I have NO doubt that she works directly with the spirit guides and not from her own mind. Highly recommended as a channel for pure access to otherworldly guidance and truth.”


“My sessions with Mariloli have facilitated lifetimes of healing and helped guide me to ownership of my full and true self. What a blessing to be gifted with such an intentional and mystical presence.”


"I have known Mariloli Sohtis for over 5 years. I was coming off the trauma of a heart transplant when a friend suggested I meet with Mariloli for an Akashic reading. She was very professional, listened attentively and then began the reading. It was an extremely powerful reading and helped me come to terms with the fact that I was still living because of the gift of a person who had passed away. We began a series of Reiki and Sound Healing sessions to help my body recover as well. Mariloli has an amazing ability to sense what I needed with each session. Each session was unique and geared toward what I required in my healing and reintegration process. She has brought me from darkness to the light.”


“Mariloli is TRULY gifted! I’ve received readings from her and knew she was the real deal because of how accurate and spot on she was! Her spiritual advice has helped me in many ways and I highly recommend her for people needing help along their path!”


"Mariloli came into my and my family’s life when we needed her help the most. We were unfortunate to lose our house to a fire and were left stripped from all our material goods, but most importantly our sense of calmness and security. Our emotional stability was shaken. 

Mariloli came just in time and was so kind to perform a family reiki session to help bring us back to safe emotional grounds. She worked during the night while we slept because our energy was too nervous. That must have been the first night we got a good night's sleep. We woke up feeling so much better! 

I am forever grateful for this lovely human being! I’d recommend her services for those who are really seeking a more solid emotional ground or just want an overall feel good tune up.

We are thankful for you, Mariloli! I will be needing a session again soon! ☺️"


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